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Professionalism 101: How never to correspond with students

Earlier today libarienne posted a link to this viral post on vitae, in which a number of (purportedly) real, actual, human professors respond to a fictional request for a grade change with all the high-handed, sneering derision they could fit into a few hundred words. Gilliel’s comment basically hits the nail on …

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Pop Quiz: Ah, They Can Just Write a Story or Something.

I AM A SCIENCE!   This week I found out that I passed the Open University “Exploring Science” course that I’ve been taking over the last year. This has provided me with enough credits to be allowed to start teaching physics, at least in a probationary way. I’m an English …

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Pop Quiz: Liaisons dangereuses

The recent release of two novels that share a common theme of student-professor entanglements have once again brought out into the forefront of the public imagination an old academic tradition that most of us would prefer to leave in the Bad Old Days, except for the fact that even decades …

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Pop Quiz – When Professionalism Fails

Today in the UK, a 30 year old high school maths teacher was jailed for five and half years for child abduction and under-age sex. He had been conducting a sexual relationship with a girl of 15, a pupil at his school, which had eventually led to them running off …