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From the Archives: Why College Probably Shouldn’t Be Free

[Note: Much of this analysis was written around the time of the 2012 Quebec Student Protests, but remains relevant given the Sanders campaign’s popular free-college-for-all platform in the ongoing US presidential election.] I think the system of higher education in Quebec provides a useful and interesting comparison to the situation in the …

Image of men counting the ballots in the 1938 by-election in the federal riding of St. Henri in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Camillien Houde, running for the Conservatives, lost to Joseph Arsène Bonnier for the Liberals.
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Pop Quiz: Where should students be voting?

Just in case you thought the U.S. Republican Party had a monopoly on legislation attempting to suppress minority votes, let me tell you a little story from Canada the magical land of Hyperborea, where politicians on both sides of the political spectrum have clearly been taking lessons from the Great …

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Why making tuition free isn’t a good idea

[Note: I originally published much of this analysis on another now-defunct blog during the 2012 Quebec Student Protests, but thought it relevant in light of our recent discussion of tuition and government funding.] I think the system of higher education in Quebec provides a useful and interesting comparison to the …


Quebec helpfully shows how NOT to do secularism

There is currently a fair bit of controversy over the ruling separatist government’s plans to institute a “Charter of Quebec Values” [note: English version is incomplete and mostly still in French…quelle surprise] that would ostensibly put an end to the years-long question of what constitutes “reasonable accommodation” of religious minorities …

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Required Readings

Required Readings, 23 May 2013

Good morning, teachers and learners! My spring semester is officially over. Today is graduation for my school. I have 4 days to prepare for my summer session. Joy! However, let’s first assign these required readings. 2-Year Colleges Are at Risk of ‘Separate and Unequal’ Future, Report Says – Is it …

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Pop Quiz: Who should be footing the bill for higher ed?

Hi everyone! I’m very pleased to be joining the network as a writer after many years of reading and commenting (where you may have known me as delictuscoeli). As you might notice in my bio down below (aside from my awesome cat), I live and teach in Canada, so I …