Critical Thinking

Socratic Questioning 101

In my newfound love of Richard Paul’s excellent work on critical thinking, I bring you another short summary of some of his useful ideas in teaching: a taxonomy of Socratic questions. These can be very useful when thinking of what kinds of questions to ask students when you are trying …


Why Aren’t You Reading This?

Not you in particular, nor this post specifically, but speaking more broadly, I do wonder why skeptics in general aren’t as interested in teaching as I would have expected them to be, based on what we tend to value. Looking at the traffic on this and other “skepticism in education” …

Pop Quiz

Pop Quiz: Calling on Students

I suck at calling on students during a classroom discussion. I believe that this is a holdover from my own days as a student when I didn’t raise my hand and I was called on to answer a question.  At those times I could feel a burning rise from my …