Teacher helps pupil with his reading, FSA (Farm Security Administration) camp for farm workers. Caldwell, Idaho. School is held at the camp because of lack of room in city schools
Required Readings

Freelance academics, trigger warnings, loyalty oaths, failing schools in FL, prep school sex scandal, NLRB football ruling: Required Readings, 08.16.15

You don’t have to be tenured to engage with the public about your research: Freelance Academics as Public Intellectuals The discourse regarding trigger warnings in higher education continues: Coddling of the American Mind and a disaster for education and mental health, or missing the point about addressing the needs of students with post-traumatic …

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Pop Quiz: You Have One Hour To Learn All There Is To Know About Rape

Hi there, Doubters! I’m really sorry that this post is a little late; Friday night traffic is rotten. I’ll make this a quickie so that we’re not delayed too much longer.   Today we had a visitor from a rape counselling service in our school. Each year she visits for …

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The Atheist Academic: Where You Should Put Your Penis

Back in college, I was a volunteer rape crisis counselor. I had months of training, and I was on call for a few days a month. Basically, if a person (almost always a woman)  was sexually assaulted and went to the hospital, I went with her. If that person needed …