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Pop Quiz: They Took Our Jeeeerrrbbsss

Hello, Scholars of Doubt! My Pop Quiz today relates to my earlier article about Derek Black. This young man recently wrote an open letter in which he laid out his reasons for renouncing the white supremacist views that he had promoted for most of his life. He cited his college …

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Walking Away From Hatred

“Hey dad, you know that racist online empire you’ve devoted so much time to building? I think I broke it. Oh and you know that group of guys you really love, the ones who made you a grand wizard or whatever? I think I might’ve broken them too.”   Derek …

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Pop Quiz: Reptilians Faked the Moon Landing to Cover Up JFK

Over the years that I’ve worked in high school education, I’ve learned many wonderful things from my students. I’ve seen young people suffer horrendous personal tragedies while still remaining focused on their school work. I’ve heard the most incredible life stories from the people I least expected to. I’ve seen …