Required Readings

Going back to college, student data, public university research, basing program development on the job market, and more: Required Readings, 06.20.16

I have been extremely overdue in getting out a new Required Readings. When it rains, it pours, and over the past 3 weeks, that pouring has included one vacation that’s not really a vacation (i.e., a visit to the family of origin), one summer cold acquired either from young nieces or …

A pile of US $100 bills
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Is it okay to dance with the devil for a good cause – like funding your graduate students?

Summer is conference time for scientists and I just got back from a fantastic one in Australia.  The Great Barrier Reef  science was quite fun and educational.  In between seminars as we are wont to do, we talked funding and how tight things are these days.  One’s chances of getting …