It Wasn’t the Best Response Ever

Here’s a surprise (not really): something went viral that probably shouldn’t have. Few things take flight faster than an angry and misguided letter from a parent. (A summary of my entire post: The father had no evidence to support his claims, and the school’s policies existed for a good reason. …


A Quick Guide to Due Diligence

I want to be a good skeptic and a good teacher, but I have a thousand tasks to do both in and out of the classroom and things like “fact-checking” get relegated to the procrastination pile. In a perfect world, I would make sure I’m not unintentionally passing on any …

A Prison Cell
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Be Careful What You Wish For (Especially When It Involves Prison)

It’s something many teachers will have said or though at some point, often in the aftermath of a confrontation with a particularly difficult or aggressive student. Once they leave here, they’ll be in prison within a year. There are some students who go beyond “normal” misbehaviour. The ones who radiate …

Not that sort of green?!?
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Pop Quiz: Keeping Green in the Classroom

This is going to be a short pop quiz even though the subject is far from small.   Being environmentally friendly is important nowadays. There are lots of people trying to create green living spaces and green cities by reducing waste and using products that do not crapify (technical term) …

An abstract image of several televisions.
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Pop Quiz – As Seen On TV

Schools and television don’t seem to mix very well. I can’t think of many, if any, TV representations of school life that actually get it “right”. Here in the UK we have an depressingly popular television drama called Waterloo Road which is set in and around a fictional high school. …


Why Teaching Makes Me Smile

Right now I am having a particularly nasty bump in my life. Things are very chaotic and I am not sure what will be around the next corner. So suffice it to say I am a feeling a bit overwhelmed and emotionally drained.  Teaching these last few weeks has been …

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Pop Quiz: To Catch a Cheater

“I learned that teachers aren’t as stupid as some people think they are…” This quote, from a student caught cheating, comes from a fairly old article from the US News called The Cheating Game.  It outlines a widespread problem in the country with regards to students cheating in school. Even …

The Atheist Academic

The Atheist Academic: Muahahahahahaha!

I was so nervous to teach the Bible as Literature. I love teaching electives, and the Bible is one of the two most alluded to texts in English literature, so I know it’s important. And I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school, so I know my Bible. But …

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Pop Quiz: Surprise Jesus

This is going to be a quick Pop Quiz since I’m off on school hike into the rainy Scottish wilderness shortly. If I don’t post anything else after today, then I’m probably at the bottom of a ravine somewhere. You guys can have my stuff. Today I wanted to ask …

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I’m Going to Be a Bitch Here for Just a Moment

Over the last few days, we had a horrible scare at my school. One of our students disappeared, in his car, leaving his wallet and phone behind. They found his car a few states away, abandoned. Before school, some students gathered for a prayer group outside of our school, I …