Spiritual Martians, Pieta Vandalism, and an Old Man’s Groceries: A Day in the Life of Richard

As an AIH (Atheist in Hiding) while at work, it can be hard to carry on the charade day after day, week after week, even year after year. The challenge is dealing with the misconceptions and misinformation. I have chosen a particularly interesting day from last week to help highlight …

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Pop Quiz: How are you spending your summer?

Hey everyone! The spring term is over for us here in the Great White North, as it will be soon for folks south of the border and elsewhere in the world. I have to admit one of the things that originally drew me to academia was the schedule: unstructured (if …

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Jesus Loves Me This I Know, For My Good Grades Tell Me So

It’s 8:45am and just over three hundred teenagers are sitting in an assembly hall. The youngest sit at the front and the oldest at the back, with almost everyone sporting the identical muted colours of the school’s uniform. The staff form a ring around the edges of the hall, looking …

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Saul and the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Once, I had a freshman in one of my English classes. The kid was big, and kind of awkward, with dark curly hair and glasses. Socially, the other kids tolerated him, but he wasn’t popular or anything. He would yell out comments on a daily basis and would often ramble …