Required Readings

Required Readings, 24 November 2013

Is Christianity one generation away from dying out (n England at least)? This and more in today’s Required Readings, have a nice day you all and enjoy your reading! Christianity at risk of dying out in a generation – I don’t know if it will really die out, but it …

Image of a book with censored text.
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Pop Quiz: This Book has been Rated NC-17

Happy Friday, Pop Quizzers! Let’s talk about sex and violence and monsters!   Our school library is one of my favourite places to be during my working day. It’s packed to the gills with all sorts of wonderful fiction and non-fiction books and it’s surprisingly well used by the pupils. …

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Pop Quiz: Liaisons dangereuses

The recent release of two novels that share a common theme of student-professor entanglements have once again brought out into the forefront of the public imagination an old academic tradition that most of us would prefer to leave in the Bad Old Days, except for the fact that even decades …

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Pop Quiz: OK Class, Everyone Collect a Plastic Penis from the Front Desk.

A couple of years ago I went through a rite of passage that is notorious with staff throughout my school. It involved a bag of condoms, a plastic penis and a room full of teenagers.   Bear with me.   We have a sex-and-relationships education programme that almost all staff …