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Children and Technology; New Qualifications; Air Force Cadets in Trouble; Steiner Schools: It’s Required Readings!

Happy Thursday! It’s time for another set of Required Readings – just the thing to help you through those long, boring summer holidays.     The British Communications Watchdog announces the somewhat predictable results of a study into how levels of digital device proficiency compare between children and adults. The …

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Gove’s Gone; Islamic Fundamentalism; Sexual Assault During Field Work; Reporting College Rape: It’s Required Readings!

Welcome to Thursday’s collection of Required Readings!   I’ve posted about Michael Gove, the English Secretary of State for Education, before. I make no secret of the fact that I despise everything about his attitude towards teachers and education in general. Well, this week teachers across England woke to the …

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Contraceptives and Teens, DC Schools Achievements Questioned, and McCaskill’s Report on College Sexual Assault: Required Readings 07.13.14

In a not-Hobby-Lobby related contraceptive story, Colorado has been offering free birth control to teens and low income women.  The results:  A drop in the teen birth rate by 40% over the past five years, and a drop in the teen abortion rate by 35%.  It makes economic sense, it …

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Pop quiz: Sexual assault on college campuses

This past week has been a big one for talking about how to deal with sexual assault on college campuses. The White House released a memorandum outlining the plan to establish a task force to address how to reduce sexual assault on college campuses.  Also this week, a list of …

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Climate change ed, beliefs about science, retaliatory tenure denial, not-so-native in the Digital Age, and LSEA repeal 2014: Required Readings 4.22.14

Starting off this Earth Day edition of Required Readings is a piece on the inclusion of climate change topics in curricula around the globe. Meanwhile in the United States, some states are rejecting the Next Generation Science Standards because of their stance on climate change (ie, they indicate that climate …

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The Atheist Academic: Where You Should Put Your Penis

Back in college, I was a volunteer rape crisis counselor. I had months of training, and I was on call for a few days a month. Basically, if a person (almost always a woman)  was sexually assaulted and went to the hospital, I went with her. If that person needed …