The Atheist Academic

The Introspection Illusion

We’re great at spotting biases in others, but absolutely incompetent at finding them in ourselves. Even if we know exactly what to look for and we’ve got a ton of intellectual humility, noticing the effects of our own biases on our own thoughts is like looking for colored glasses while …


Category Error

Let’s look at some skeptical topics. Of course, every topic can be a skeptical topic because every topic can be critically examined, but I’ve got some specifics I need to address. I don’t believe in sacred cows, but there are certainly some beliefs that are better grounded in evidence. Vaccine …


Justifying Social Justice in the Classroom

In the Sunday Papers session at TAM 2014, Michelle L. Knaier presented a short talk about teaching social justice through science education. She began by defining social justice as “treating all people with fairness, respect, dignity, and generosity” and later gave some specific examples of racist, sexist, and homophobic stereotypes …