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Deconstructing “Happy Meat”

“Happy meat” is the notion that the flesh of Nonhuman Animals can be “raised” and killed humanely.  This prevailing myth has understandably complicated teaching animal rights.  Most students now equate “rights” with well-intentioned torture and death. On one hand, teaching animal rights is made easy at the college level because …

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Teaching the Letter “A”

A little known secret about academia (and a serious flaw, I might add) is that many university professors receive little to no training in how to teach. Sociology poses a unique challenge because the entire discipline is built on deconstructing that which we take for granted as normal or even …

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Teaching the Social Construction of Sex

Why do some women find it a turn on when men “take control” in the bedroom, pushing her down and performing aggressive sex acts? Choking a woman not a biologically-based sexual gratification. I also suspect that penetration to the point of soreness or tearing is not a biologically-based source of …