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Exam Results; Kinky Sex Ed; New Words; Space Photography: It’s Required Readings!

Welcome to another Thursday assignment of Required Readings! This is the last week of my school holidays and so today’s RR is coloured with a vague mix of disappointment and nervous excitement. Onwards!   English A-Level results were issued today. These are the exams that determine whether or not English …

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That’s one small step for NDT, one giant leap for Joe Rogan

In my last article there was a passing reference to some tweets by one of my favorite champions of science and reason, Neil deGrasse Tyson. NDT, as those who know him least call him, was tweeting about the recent space movie, Gravity. Having just seen the movie myself, and enjoying …

Unmanned drone.
Required Readings

Required Readings, 29 August 2013

How does one poop in space? What research is there on best practices in online education for at-risk students? Should journalism students learn to fly aerial drones? Find out in today’s required readings. Chris Hadfield Explains How to Poop on the ISS – a video, rather than a reading, but …

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Science Education – An Endangered Species?

I can’t even begin to wrap my brain around the attacks on science and science education that have been dog-piling on since the sequester began. It is as if everyone has just lost it all at once. What’s going on? Phil Plait does a nice job of detailing the latest …