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Pop Quiz: Books on Tape = Cheating?

Recently I was sitting in a meeting about a student, who we’ll call Kevin.  In this meeting were Kevin’s parents, the guidance counselor, his case manager, myself and the other teachers who teach him.  Kevin is undergoing a period of work avoidance, which is a relatively common problem.   As we …

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Competency Based Education, the cost of it all, please don’t ruin conferences, and technology means literacy for every one!! It’s Required Reading 3/16/2014

Well  here’s some stuff: Here’s a new thing that seems to make sense in a kind of hippie way, Competency Based Education. That is, take out norms and timelines,  and help  students master targeted skills. It costs  to be poor, taxes are higher, medical care is more expensive and so …

Black and White Terrier Mix

The Night is Long and Full of Terriers

What my dogs have taught me about students, teaching and being human – Part 1: The Night is Long and Full of Terriers There is a reason why many fields of science use animal models.  How animals behave and react to a given situation often gives us insights into how …

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Pop Quiz: Science and Special Learning Needs

This week, I’m engaged in a professional development workshop using the citizen science project Moon Mappers. I’ve been fortunate to work with two powerhouse teachers, now (mostly) retired, that developed much of the middle school lesson plan that ties Earth and lunar geology. Their combines classroom experience spans several decades …