UNC Chapel Hill, Kenan Memorial Stadium
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UNC’s “Paper Classes” are Merely the Logical Endpoint of Several Current Trends

Unless you subscribe to the SoD monthly print zine—sign up now for the low, low price of $100 per crudely photocopied issue; please make all cheques payable to CASH–chances are you have an internet connection and have seen this recent Vox article on the UNC Chapel Hill “Paper Class” scandal …

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Pop Quiz: Play Ball!?!

In the news around my viewing area a University sports team is trying to make it legal to pay their players and unionize their teams.  I guess the plan would be that the University sports department would no longer support the students tuition or lodging.  Instead, they would make the …


Apples and Footballs

Happy belated World Teachers Day! In case you missed it, World Teachers Day was October 5th. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside contemplating all the good things us teachers are doing well in this world. Then, I read this article and felt…different. The article, “The Case Against High-School Sports”, …