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Pop Quiz: Givens

It’s a given that all college professors are liberal, that all students are lazy, that all politicians are corrupt… Stereotypes are thought to provide rapid information about a situation to reduce processing time.  They develop from generalizations and therefore remove any individual differences.  The issues with it are well known …

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Required Readings

Required Readings, 28 November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving, teachers and learners! I’ve got required readings for you today, but please spend time with loved ones and/or the Mythbusters before completing your assignment. An article in Slate describing academic department cuts at Minnesota State University Moorhead and the University of the District of Columbia got a lot …

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“You Don’t Look Like a Teacher”

Last night, I was doing an event called “Teen Science Cafe,” where high school students can come to an event, get some food, hear from a scientist speaker, and do some cool science activities. Somewhere between prepping my talk, re-styling my newly-pink hair after it got rained on, unrolling a …