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On the Market VI: Excellence in Teaching and Student Evaluations

This year’s academic job application season is drawing to a close, and, as ever, I find the compilation of the last few packets to be tinged with the kind of grim urgency that accompanies the knowledge that all of the searches I applied to earlier in the year have already …

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Required Readings

Standardized testing humor, too few good teachers, professors vs. teachers, Sweet Briar closes, Nepal, and evaluations: Required Readings, 05.17.15

As the school year winds down in many places, Required Readings too needs a little fun to get through the home stretch: Satirical news source The Onion takes on standardized testing as does HBO television host John Oliver. More serious reflection: Are there too few teachers or just too few good ones? …

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Skeptical Approaches to Student Evaluations of Faculty

The college where I dispense wisdom is very small, with fewer than 1000 students. We are a weird little school in a weird, isolated little town, surrounded by much bigger players who suck up most of the (decimated) higher ed budget and leave us with the scraps. Thus, we have …