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*Out of Office Response* Re: quick question?

Dear [STUDENT], Thank you for writing me with your question about [COURSE]. I am currently out of the office because I am contingent faculty and do not have an office. This automated response email is intended to help you find the answer to your question on your own, as my …

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“Syllabus Day” Happens for a Reason

It’s Back-to-School season again, also known to educators as time for classroom-management think pieces, syllabus guides, curricular critiques, and ritual lamentations for summer to make their yearly rounds on social media. Popular among my colleagues this year has been this critique of the phenomenon of “Syllabus Day” by Kevin Gannon, in …

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Syllabus Adjunct Clause

Hey there, Doubters! As I promised in the last edition of On the Market, here is a sample adjunct clause that can be inserted into any syllabus for courses taught by temporary faculty. Please keep in mind that since situations differ from school to school–and even from department to department–the following …

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On the Market I: Bespoke Courses

This is the first installment of “On the Market,” a series in which Dan chronicles his experiences and observations as a new PhD on the academic job market. It will continue until he gets a job or dies trying. As many of us unfortunately know from experience, applying to tenure-track jobs is …

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Pop Quiz: Of Ferret Pee and Snake Hisses

No corny Valentines Day Stories for Pop Quiz.  I only recognize the true holiday of my birthday today!!! In celebration of this wondrous day I give you a corny teaching story instead. Years and years ago I taught a physics lab class at a farm town University.  Normally, I would start my …