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Extra Credits on Education

I’m a huge fan of the Extra Credits team, whose insightful discussions on video games and game design (and fabulous take on the Punic Wars) have long been high on my list of sites-that-must-be-compulsively-checked. So imagine my great satisfaction when they decided to return to the topic of education–I wrote …

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Pop Quiz: And Then I Shot a Guy in the Face and it was AWESOME.

You might have noticed that a particularly popular video game was released a few weeks ago. It features cars and guns and crime and torture and a whole whack of stripper-based misogyny. It’s ostensibly for adults and, in the UK at least, comes with a legal age rating which means …


Students, Privacy, and Social Networks: The Game!

Anna’s recent post on Queereka about Christine Love‘s new Visual Novel had salutary (if unintended) effect of reminding me that I have had another of Love’s games, don’t take it personally, babe, but it just ain’t your story, sitting in my “to-play” queue for several months. I just finished playing …

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Pop Quiz: How can we use games in education?

In 1989, my father (very astutely) determined that computers would be the way of the future in his profession and in the world at large, and so one day he came home with a brand spanking new IBM PS/2, our family’s first ever personal computer. It was a day filled …