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Pop Quiz: When is it too late to cancel a class?

See my post about Monday August 11 to understand where the content for this quiz is coming from. So I am not going to beat around the bush. A natural disaster happened on the way to work the other day and I did not cancel class because it happened so …


Monday August 11….I wish I would have canceled class!

I am about to give everyone a very good indication where I live because I am about to describe my commute to work on Monday evening. This is a prelude to the pop quiz for this Friday. I woke up on Monday morning to a very gloomy sky. I went …

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Pop Quiz: Winter Blues or Springtime Jitters

I have noticed with the recent crap weather that we have been having in the Midwest that my students seem extraordinarily lethargic. I had to set something on fire yesterday just to get them to wake up and answer a question that should have normally been answered quite quickly.  It …

Snowstorm of 1922
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Pop Quiz: Brrrr…It’s too cold outside! Keep those students at home!?

Most of the United States is having one of the worst winters in years. Even as I type this it is in the negative digits where I live and the wind chill is bitingly bad. Also, because of these ridiculous temperatures every school in the area, including major universities and …