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Precarious Academic Employment and Material Goods Do Not Mix

This week is Fair Employment Week in Canada. It’s an annual event put on by the Canadian Association of University Teachers and their provincial counterparts to raise awareness of the precarious work conditions of adjunct employees. The week is usually marked by sad stories of the economic difficulties faced by …

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Pop Quiz: Work work vs. non-work work

Happy Monday, everyone! Like many academics I often find myself occupied with activities that do not quite fall under my primary job description. In fact, these activities sometimes seem to take up the majority of my time, a situation which is easy to justify as they often seem related to …

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Pop Quiz: Can you still enjoy museums?

So I think I am ruined for science museums forever. And this is terrible! I loved science centers and museums when I was a kid. I still do, really, for the most part. I thought becoming a scientist would ruin the experience for me, but it never did. First of …