Why I Do Re-Dos

When my students get a low grade on a written assignment, I allow them to revise it and resubmit it for a higher grade an unlimited amount of times before final grades are due. Why? Because I love giving up even more of my scarce free time. Well, not really. …

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Required Readings

Predatory publishers, disabilities and jobhunting, Spamalot, adjuncts, et al: Required Readings, 8.26-27.14

If I were grading myself for SoD, I would have just dropped my grade by a letter for turning in my assignment late with no real excuse (I completely forgot in a mess of a Tuesday). So to make up for my lapse, here’s an extra credit-worthy Required Readings. One …

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Wondering about grades? Us, too. Also: adjuncts in the news, charter school walkouts, computer graded writing. It’s Required Reading 2-6-2014!

What’s in a grade? Does a high GPA from a prestigious university indicate  a moral and unthuglike character ?   Why bring it up? Speaking of grades, why the leap from D to F?  Shouldn’t you lose points for forgetting one of the most popular letters? Well, New Jersey really needs …